Star BMS gives advice on what to do if there is a serious workplace incident at your building

Reporting a ‘Notifiable Incident’ to WorkSafe

As a RUM, Caretaker, or Facilities Manager, you are likely to be at the front line of reporting any serious incidents that happen in your workplace.

So, what is a ‘notifiable incident’?

A notifiable incident is:

  • the death of a person
  • a ‘serious injury or illness’, or
  • a ‘dangerous incident’ an event that exposes a worker or any other person to a serious risk

These incidents can relate to anyone — an employee, contractor or member of the public. While a serious injury or illness can happen at any time to anyone in a strata community, only those which are work-related require notification.

You must notify the regulator immediately after becoming aware of a ‘notifiable incident’.

The notice must be given by the fastest possible means, which could be by telephone or in writing, for example by email or online in available.

In general a PCBU – a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking – ‘becomes aware’ of a notifiable incident once any of their supervisors or managers becomes aware of the incident. In the case of a strata community, the PCBU are the owners, but likely it will be the RUM/Caretaker/Facilities Manager who will be first aware of the incident.

It is their responsibility to inform the committee who is acting on behalf of the owners.

Star BMS recommends in its safety reports that each scheme keeps a copy of the official Workplace Health & Safety incident notification form onsite. It is the responsibility of the individual who reported the incident, to fill the form out and submit it to Work Safe and the Resident Unit Manager/Caretaker, Facilities Manager.

It is best practice for the RUM/Caretaker/Facilities Manager to advise both the strata committee and the SSKB Community Manager, to ensure that all stakeholders are informed.

Just as importantly, there should be consideration for a follow-up plan after a ‘notifiable incident’ that addresses what caused the incident and how future events might be prevented, as well as the offer emotional and psychological  support services for people involved in the incident.

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