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Safety is everyone’s business. And as a Committee Member on a Body Corporate, you may have additional legal responsibilities that you may not be aware of.

Work Health & Safety laws apply to any Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU).

This means that if, at any time, the Body Corporate (even of a wholly residential building) employs a worker, hires a contractor or has a volunteer worker on the common property, they are subject to the WHS Act and Regulations.

Act, don’t react

There is an onus on the Body Corporate to demonstrate that is has been proactive to reduce, and keep reduced, the risks onsite.

Find out more about obligation here:

The good news is, there are a number of things your community can do to fulfil this obligation.

Risk Assessment Report

Commission a Risk Assessment Report

For your Body Corporate to show they have identified and addressed any risks, a Risk Assessment Report should be performed annually by an individual holding a Certificate IV in Workplace Health and Safety. By identifying and addressing any risks, your Body Corporate meets its obligations under the Act.

And the potential risks on Body Corporate property are numerous. They include:

  • Roof top anchor points;
  • Wheel stops;
  • Pool handrails;
  • BBQ gas;
  • Chemicals;
  • Car park height;
  • Gym rules and services;
  • First aid;
  • Storm water;
  • Exit signs;
  • Non-potable water;
  • Pool fencing;
  • Balustrades;
  • Asbestos; and
  • Pool water quality

This is not an exhaustive list. As the Body Corporate, you need to take steps to ensure the risks are addressed. You can do this by discharging the responsibility to an expert like Star BMS.

Contractor Register

Maintain a register of contractors which lists approved licensed and reputable contractors. This protects you from unsafe workmanship and losses. It also provides you with a record of contractors who have entered the premises.

Indemnity Register

Check that contractors are insured for the work they will be performing. Keep copies of their insurance documents in an Indemnity Register.

Safe Working Method Statement

Under the WHS Act, workers must take reasonable care of their own health and safety. Contractors should provide you with a Safe Working Method Statement, which you should keep in a register. This covers the Body Corporate from liability in the event of an incident where the statement was not followed.

All Registers and Statements become part of the permanent Body Corporate records. The Registers and Statements should be reviewed at meetings.

Star Building Management Services (Star BMS) is a facilities management company established in 1992 to meet the growing need for quality asset management in the Body Corporate sector.

For more than two decades, Star BMS has earned a reputation for providing superior service to our clients.

Our services include:

  • Building Management and Maintenance Systems;
  • Common Property Condition Reports;
  • Building Management Statements;
  • Insurance Valuation;
  • Sinking Fund Forecast;
  • Fire Safety Adviser Appointment;
  • Occupiers Statement;
  • General Safety and Building Fire Safety Compliance report.

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