top 5 commercial cleaning issues

Top 5 Commercial Cleaning Issues

At Star Building Management Services we specialise in delivering second to none service in facilities management, project management, cleaning, refurbishment, landscaping and architecture. At Star BMS your investment is regularly maintained. We employ staff who produce a high-quality cleaning service. This will assist in preventing future issues. With the ever growing demand for commercial cleaning we have put together the Top 5 commercial cleaning issues.


  1. Price

    Due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, cleaning services are required to keep their costs to a reasonable standard. Commercial cleaning obtain a very low profit margin creating very little room for rising costs in products and wages. This is ideal for our clients as we are operating in a competitive landscape, therefore, we have a strong company focus of providing a high quality service for a low cost.

  2. Schedule

    To assists in operations being efficient, schedules should obtain a continuous stream of communication and organization. Coordinating teams efficiently and scheduling them accordingly will allow for maximum productivity. We employ the best in the business to ensure we are timely, efficient and effective.

  3. Correct cleaning products

    Using the Correct cleaning products is imperative when it comes to commercial cleaning. The strength and ingredients of products used in commercial areas differ to those used around the home. This is for many reasons. Preventing germs that could possibly lead to illness. Dirty environments can harbour nasty bacteria. We put quality service at the top of our priorities. Know that when you work with Star, you are getting the best quality products.


  1. Communication

    To be satisfied with your cleaning services there needs to be effective communication between both parties. The cleaning quality and service will suffer if there are ineffective communication methods. If you are communicating to your company instructions that are not being clearly communicated to the cleaning staff the standard and work carried out will suffer. To eliminate poor communication, a communication system should be implemented into businesses. Above all, StarBMS excels in this area, meaning you can have confidence when you hire Star.

  2. Competition

    Competition is constantly increasing due to companies creating strong online presences. With internet search platforms now being the main research platforms for potential clients, it is imperative for companies to create a strong digital presence in order to appear among their competitors when clients are conducting their searches. This is also ideal for clients as they can have confidence that the cleaning industry is operating in a landscape that demands great service. If you are not happy with your current cleaner, know you have the power to change.

In conclusion, StarBMS stay ahead of the game in common issues, therefore, they provide the highest quality service.

Contact Star Building Management Services by clicking  to increase the value of your investment by ensuring it is constantly maintained. Star BMS has a high attention to detail and provide a quality cleaning service for a wide range of clients.

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