Cladding update

Cladding Update

The Queensland Government have developed ‘Safer Buildings’ to identify buildings in Queensland that potentially have combustible cladding.

In Queensland, the owners of the buildings may be required to register their building and complete the combustible cladding checklist.

Who Needs to Register?

You are required to register if you are the owner of a building which is:
-a class 2-9
-of type A or B construction
-Built or have had the cladding altered after January 1st 1994 but before October 1st 2018

Owners of these buildings must register their buildings and complete the combustible cladding checklist.

Who does not need to register?

Owners of houses or townhouses do not need to register.


The QBCC are sending out letters to some buildings advising that they need to register on the Safer Buildings Combustible Cladding Checklist (even though they may not meet the original criteria).

Our team at StarBMS have spoken with QBCC and Safer Buildings and they both advise that if you have received a letter you still need to register.


Just a reminder to check that you have completed registration by the 29th of March. If you have not completed and registered for stage one by the deadline your building may incur a financial penalty.

The latest combustible cladding incident in Melbourne has highlighted the importance of Queensland building owners completing the Safer Buildings checklist before 29 March 2019.

Part 1 of the online checklist allows owners to assess their building free of charge, and most are expected to be able to exit the process at this point.

Failure to complete Part 1 could result in fines or being required by law to complete Part 2 or 3 of the checklist, which require expert advice at a cost.

For further information or to register, please visit or contact the Star BMS team today.

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