non-compliant cladding has spread to the suburbs

Non-compliant cladding is spreading to the suburbs

Nine more types of cladding have been added to the list of non-compliant cladding.

The new alert will affect an unknown number of construction dwellings. This also includes single-story family homes. These buildings may have not been affected previously however they now may not be compliant with building codes.

Until recently, the concerns on non-compliant cladding were aimed towards medium and high-rise buildings. The issues surrounding combustible cladding were largely restricted to residential buildings above three stories.

This is because the potentially dangerous products have been found on medium and high-rise properties throughout Australia. National building codes prohibit combustible materials from being used on the walls of residential buildings taller than three stories.

Please find below a list of the newly banned cladding systems:

  • CM40029 Ozone Panel Building Systems
  • CM40066 Alpolic A2
  • CM40067 Alpolic FR
  • CM40076 Ultrabond FR
  • CM40079 Vitrabond FR
  • CM40082 Dulux Exsulite TM Kooltherm Façade System
  • CM40093 Larson FR
  • CM40138 Dulux Exsulite TM Thermal Façade non-cavity system
  • CM40162 Cladex FR

Just a reminder to check that you have completed registration for cladding by March 29th. If you have not completed and registered for stage one by the deadline your building may incur financial penalty.

For more information please contact your body corporate manager.

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