What can Star BMS do for you?

What Can Star BMS Do For You?

Our qualified staff can inspect your premises and consult with you to provide a wide range of advice that is essential for bodies corporate.

Star BMS are proficient in the following:

Safety and Compliance

We carry out safety and compliance inspections, reporting on risks at your building and advising on how they might be controlled. We offer Maintenance Schedule and Log Book packages ensuring all aspects of your property are maintained in the best practice, and in compliance with the Workplace Health & Safety Act 2011 and Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008.

Common Property Condition Reports

Whether you are looking to enter into a new building management contract, or working with your building manager to review the regular maintenance schedules and requirements on site, a Common Property Condition Report carried out by Star BMS can identify any maintenance issues needing to be rectified to a prevent deterioration of the building. A small investment in this report potentially saves a large amount of money in the long term.

Tax Depreciation Schedules

Many property investors are unaware of the significant tax deductible expenditure allowances available for building costs and depreciation of plant and articles. Obtaining a tax depreciation schedule prepared by one of Star BMS’ experienced quantity surveyors is often a small investment which can unearth significant benefits.

Building Management Statement Consulting

Many Urban developments contain areas of shared facility, including car parking, roadways, bathrooms, recreational facilities and infrastructure. Star BMS is able to interpret the Building Management Statement document, identify areas of shared facilities, and define the ways expenses are apportioned. We aim to help you manage your shared facilities correctly and simply.

Sinking Funds Forecasts

Our Sinking Fun Forecasts present a detailed 15 year forecast to give your body corporate a clear understanding of anticipated expenditure, as well as identifying provisional sums which should be set aside. Star BMS’ professionally prepared Sinking Fund Forecasts can advise your body corporate on the necessary funds required to meet major capital expenditure in the future.

Building Insurance Valuations

Failing to have an accurate and up-to-date insurance valuation can result in inflated premiums or insufficient cover in the event of a claim. Our experienced quantity surveyors can provide you with an accurate insurance valuation, giving you peace of mind that your valuation will not cause any issues should the need to claim arise.

Programmed Maintenance and Compliance Scheduling

The most effective way to ensure your building remains compliant with the maze of legislation and in the nest possible condition is to be proactive and implement a Maintenance and Compliance Schedule. After inspecting the premises, our building management and compliance consultants can recommend a schedule for the routine maintenance of common property and plant, minimizing the risk of your building needing expensive, reactive maintenance in the future.

Building Management and Maintenance Systems

Perfect for those new to building management or those not familiar with the Queensland legislation in regards to compliance, our Building Management and Maintenance Systems are a comprehensive service designed to ensure that not only does the building have a program, but also a system of recording and reporting to maintain a high standard of communication with the building committee.

Star BMS minimizes the risk of poor quality maintenance and ensures compliance. Click here to improve the value of your investment.

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