End of part 1 cladding update

End of part 1- Cladding update

The Part 1 Cladding deadline elapsed on 29 March 2019, with some buildings required to continue to Part 2.

Website issues put a lot of owners and industry professionals under the pump trying to complete by the due date. To now engage an industry professional, the process for transferring ownership requires a lot of information to be entered, causing a substantial amount of work to get completed in a 2 month time frame. Buildings that need further assessment following the conclusion of Part 1 will have until 29 May 2019 to file a building industry professional report to the QBCC.

Part 2 requires a building industry professional to complete the Form 34 – Building Industry Professional Statement. The approved form is now available on the Resources page of the Safer Buildings website.

There are two reasons a building can be required to move to Part 2: 

  1. The owner’s answers in Part 1 did not rule out the presence of combustible cladding;
  2. The owners did not complete Part 1 on time, and must complete Parts 1 and 2.

It is expected that the majority of buildings entering Part 2 will not have combustible cladding.

When entering registrations and completing the survey, it was found that although they did not have cladding, checking “other materials” has sent a lot of buildings into part two. This will now require a decent sum of money to be spent on a professional to tell them “you do not have cladding”.

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