Queensland Government to ban combustible cladding

Queensland Government to Ban Combustible Cladding

At yesterday’s Ministerial Construction Council it was announced that combustible cladding is proposed to be banned on all new Queensland buildings.

The new regulation was proposed by Minister for Housing and Public Works Mick de Brenni.  The new regulation is part of a two-pronged approach to assist as a lifeline to the State’s certifiers due to the shrinking insurance market. Many insurers have withdrawn their insurance products from the market following the cladding issues that began to arise in 2017.

“By banning combustible cladding on new construction in Queensland, it means there doesn’t need to be an expense for certifiers in the form of exclusion free insurance,” Mr de Brenni said.

The proposals will help to protect Queenslanders, however, Mr de Brenni called on the Commonwealth Government to protect Australians. This aims to be achieved by introducing an importation ban on all aluminum composite panels with a PE core.

The combustible cladding ban in Queensland would also spread to all aluminum composite panels with a PE core of greater than 30%.

As part of the proposal, certifiers will also be required to declare that combustible cladding has not been used.

Mr De Brenni announced that the PwC’s analysis revealed that the issue was not limited to Queensland. Combustible cladding is a national issue in all states.

The combustible cladding ban is intended to ensure that jobs in the construction industry remain and Queensland jobs continue to grow.

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