Maintenance Schedules

Maintenance Schedules

If you are part of a committee or own management rights in a strata (body corporate) scheme, it can be difficult to ensure all areas are being well managed.

At Star BMS, we believe one of the most effective to improve how a scheme is presented and functions is to introduce a maintenance schedule for the property.

The key benefits of having and following a maintenance schedule are:

  1. The property looks better. This means better property values.
  2. Over the long term, the property is cheaper to run. This means lower levies.
  3. The property works better. This means less unexpected breakdowns and inconveniences.

Implementing a maintenance schedule also has a human side. Through the schedule design process, the stakeholders (building managers, committee members etc.) have a chance to express how they want the building to look and perform. The collaboration process goes a long way to eliminating misunderstanding and conflict.

How does Star BMS assist buildings

Star BMS has prepared many building operations manuals. This is what we do:
 1. Inspect all common areas of the scheme.
 2. Record observations of all elements of common property by way of a photographic schedule.
 3. Prepare a manual that contains:
a) A graphically represented comprehensive maintenance schedule that details duties required to manage the property across a 12-month cycle.
b) A schedule detailing the routine compliance requirements (e.g. fire equipment testing) and timings.
c) A tailored logbook that assists the caretaker in keeping essential details of routine maintenance tasks.
d) A suite of template documents that assist the caretaker to accurately record and lodge any statutory documents.
e) A template caretaking management report that is used to effectively report to the Body Corporate on a periodic basis.

How has this helped buildings?

For the many buildings that we have assisted, stakeholders have not understood what the common property is or their obligations. Through the implementation of maintenance schedules, they are now able to manage the common property correctly.

After short periods of time, we have seen buildings go from poorly maintained to better looking and better functioning buildings that have improved their real estate value. Tenants are happier in their lots and are likely to pay more to rent in a property that is well maintained.

The costs of maintaining the property have usually decreased due to the building being better controlled. This is due to fixing broken parts of the building before it is too late and they need replacing. After implementing maintenance schedules, we have had positive feedback from multiple schemes that they are delighted to have a professional approach to the management of the property.

If you think a maintenance schedule may be the answer to ensuring your building runs smoothly and communication between all parties in the scheme is clear, click here to contact Star BMS. We have assisted many schemes to improve the running of their building and are eager to help your scheme do the same.

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