Maintenance myths

Maintenance Myths 

There are many myths when it comes to the maintenance of your Strata scheme. Don’t fix what’s not broken unfortunately doesn’t apply when it comes to the maintenance of your scheme. However, many people believe different.

At StarBMS we are going to bust some maintenance myths.

Myth 1

Maintaining the scheme will be costly

Quite the opposite really!
By implementing a maintenance schedule, how your scheme is presented, and functions will improve. The costs of maintaining the scheme usually decreases as the building is being better controlled. This is due to fixing broken parts of the building before it is too late and they need replacing.

The key benefits of having and following a maintenance schedule are:

  • The property looks better. This means better property values.
  • Over the long term, the property is cheaper to run. This means lower levies.
  • The property works better. This means less unexpected breakdowns and inconveniences.

Myth 2

Maintaining the scheme will take too much time

Wrong! Ensuring regular maintenance is conducted will actually save you time. This is due to reducing breakdowns and the need to repair equipment.

Repairing equipment in a Strata scheme is a timely process. You need the committee to approve works, you must obtain multiple quotes and the wait time to have the equipment fixed may be substantial, not to mention the inconvenience.

Myth 3

Using equipment until it breaks is more cost effective than servicing the equipment regularly

Many people believe that small problems with equipment such as a small leak or clogged pipes do not need to be actioned.

You wouldn’t put off servicing your car until the engine breaks. So, why do so many Bodies Corporate put off servicing their scheme? Deferring maintenance to your scheme comes with a cost.

As an example, the annual fee to service a carpark gate is going to be a lot cheaper than replacing that gate if it stops working due to being poorly maintained. Not only is the process costly but it is also a huge inconvenience to all residents.

How can StarBMS help?

Throughout our many years in the industry we’ve seen the consequences of a lack of planning combined with a poor standard of maintenance that results in buildings not cared for properly, and in turn, losing value.

Failure to invest in a maintenance plan can lead to:

  • Large amounts of money being spent in emergency repairs
  • The risk of work done to a poor standard and,
  • The cost and time of rectifying work carried out by unsupervised contractors.

These factors can lead to a rapid decline in the condition and cleanliness of a property. Rectification of these issues is often a costly endeavour for the Body Corporate.

Star BMS reduces the risk of poor quality maintenance and non-compliance, click here to improve the value on your investment today.

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