Building Management System - For Caretakers

Building Management System For Caretakers

Are you new to the building management industry?  Have you been around for a while but feel like you are working too hard or going around in circles?

Do you want to follow a simple, smart, time efficient building management system?

Most importantly, do you want to show your Body Corporate that your efforts in managing the common property of the building are consistent, appropriate and adequate to maintain the common property in good condition?  Want to prove that everything is compliant?

The System

We tailor a system for your building that includes:

  • A photographic schedule of all of the elements of common property.
  • A comprehensive 12-month maintenance schedule.
  • A schedule detailing routine compliance activities.
  • A tailored logbook.
  • A suite of statutory template documents.
  • A template caretaking management report that is used to effectively report to the body corporate.


  • You will own a professionally assessed and tailored building management system.
  • The system is a documented point of reference for both the Caretaker and the Body Corporate.
  • The system serves as a base-line method of operation regardless of who the Caretaker or Body Corporate Committee is.

Working with you, we provide a complete assessment with a summary of our findings and a list of recommendations so that you, the building manager possess an expert assessment to support your activities and management recommendations.

Along with our assessment, you will be better able to act in the best interest of yourself and the building.

Much is at stake, and if you have the knowledge, you are better placed to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your building and its workings.

Who is Star Building Management Services?

Achieving quality building presentation, cleaning, repairs and maintenance outcomes is our priority.

Our principle consultant is Chris Nezmah. He possesses 28 years of professional experience in property management industries. That experience extends to extensive experience in the management of Strata buildings as well as communication with Body Corporate Managers and Body Corporate Committees.

If you would like to know more about how Star BMS and its comprehensive range of services can improve the value of your property, click here to contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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