Common property Condition report

Common Property Condition Reports

Do you find that the common areas of your scheme are not maintained to a satisfactory standard?
Are you unsure if your common property is kept in an acceptable condition?

A Common Property Condition Report could be the answer you are looking for.

What is Involved in a Common Property Condition Report?

Common areas can be an oasis, a short trip up the lift and you are in paradise. Unfortunately, some common properties are not properly maintained to an acceptable standard and what should be paradise ends up being an area you want to avoid.

A Common Property Condition Report involves a detailed inspection of your common property to ensure all common areas are maintained to an acceptable standard. This includes an inspection of all common areas, photographs of common areas with notes attached and pool water samples.

What Condition Should Your Common Property Be Kept In?

When living in a Strata community the common property is often a place you go to relax, enjoy the space and entertain guests. You therefore expect the common property be presented in a first class and hygienic condition.

When a Common Property Condition Report is conducted a first-class condition is defined as:

  • In a clean state.
  • Free from damage.
  • Without significant wear.
  • An item that performs its designed / engineered function/s.
  • Free from parasites and infestations.
  • Free from discarded items.
  • Free from unwanted vegetative and bacterial growths.
  • Free from animal waste.
  • Free from staining and marking.
  • Free from odor.
  • Free from pollution or foreign matter.

So, we don’t mean first class as in covering your common property in gold, we simply mean it is in good, hygienic condition to be enjoyed by all owners.

The BCCM Act requires Common Property to be maintained to a good standard.

What Are The Consequences of Poorly Maintained Common Property?

Failure to maintain your common property to a satisfactory standard may decrease the value of your investment when you come to sell your lot. If buyers inspect the property and see the common area and facilities are in poor in condition, prospective buyers will not see the property to its full potential and it will decrease the value of your property.

How can Star BMS help?

Whether you are looking to enter into a new Building Management Contract, or working with your Building Manager to review the regular maintenance schedules and requirements on site, a Common Property Condition Report carried out by Star BMS will identify any maintenance issues that should be rectified to prevent deterioration of the building. A small investment in this report has the potential to save a large amount of money in the long term.

Chris Nezmah from Star BMS possesses 28 years of professional experience in the hotel and property management industry. He is Star BMS’s expert in conducting reports for your scheme. His experience extends to direct involvement in the management of cleaning and maintenance staff as well as communication with Body Corporate Managers and Body Corporate committees in order to achieve quality building presentation, cleaning, repairs and maintenance outcomes.

One call to Star BMS can solve all your common property maintenance issues. Call us on (07) 3252 2720 or click here to contact us today.

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