We have some exciting news for you

We Have Some Exciting News for You!

At Star BMS we believe in making your life easier, so we have invested in a very exciting technology project in order to better serve your community.

The project is a complete Facilities Management software which includes a portal for your PC and an app for your phone. This gives you the ability to easily log any maintenance requests, check important documents, book building facilities and communicate directly with your Facilities Manager.

We believe that this innovative software will only further improve the Facilities Management in your building and will provide you with an effortless way for you to ensure that your investment is being protected.

So, what can the Star BMS app do to make your life easier?

  • The app enables owners and occupants to engage with amenities in the building and be in easy communication with the building management team.
  • Easily report, document and photograph any maintenance requests through a few simple taps on the app.
  • Book building facilities
  • Easily contact your Facilities Manager
  • Communicate with building management at the click of a button
  • Download manuals and warranty information
  • Plus, so much more!
  • So, how can you download?

  • The app is available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play
  • At Star BMS our mission is to ensure that we have the right people and the latest technology to lead you into the future.If you would like more information or to find out what services StarBMS can offer your building, click here to contact us today.

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