As workplaces begin to re-open and people return to their daily routines it is important to remember that the risks associated with COVID-19 remain prevalent. Many offices throughout Australia are struggling with the return to work due to the high volume of employees who rely on public transport to travel to and from the office.

With new Work Safe Australia Guidelines introduced, navigating the return to work for your employees is not something your business can take lightly.

Many workplaces will be faced with an increased risk for the transfer of COVID-19 as employees once again begin attending off-site meetings, going for coffee breaks, leaving the office for lunch, and catching public transport.

These activities, while essential in returning to normal working routine, all present an increase in risk and liability. To overcome these risks and ensure that you are providing the safest working environment for your employees, leave it to the professionals to assist with providing a COVID-Compliant package

This package includes a Safety and Compliance Report from building management experts, Star BMS, grouped with a 3-step cleaning solution from leading provider, Southern Cross Medical Materials.

The COVID-19 Safety and Compliance Report will include an inspection of the premises, a risk assessment, followed by recommendations and an implementation guide.

You will also receive a 3-step sanitising solution which includes:
  1. Hand sanitiser with an automatic dispensing stand (for entry foyers in buildings and work premises).
  2. Fogging machine that efficiently launches a sanitiser mist into larger spaces (for larger rooms such as conference rooms).

Why choose us?

Star BMS have been carrying out Safety and Compliance reports, alongside a whole catalogue of other building management services, since 1992. By engaging experts in the field of Work Health and Safety to inspect your workplace you will be able to provide your office with peace of mind in the return to work process.

With so much to organise to ensure compliance, including signage, social distancing, number limits in rooms, cleaning and more we offer our COVID-Compliant service that will ensure everything in your workplace is covered.

For the provision of the cleaning solutions, Star BMS have partnered with Southern Cross Medical Materials who are an Australian owned and operated business, that provide medical supplies to a wide range of clients.

Southern Cross Medical Materials have an innovative product offering for businesses returning to the office during COVID-19. The Air Sanitiser Fogger means you can set, press and forget! Medical grade disinfectant kills 99.99% of germs on contact. The sanitiser fogger is active up to 72 hours on untouched surfaces and removes odors.

By working with experts in the medical cleaning field and as well as the Work Health and Safety field, you can ensure that your workplace will be prepared for the risk posed by COVID-19.


Your office will receive free use of auto dispensers and fogging machines on consignment if you agree to use Southern Cross Medical Group 5L refill drums of gel or liquid.

If you would like to know more, please click here to contact StarBMS or call us today on (07) 3252 2720.