COVID-19 has caused many new cleaning regulations to be implemented into commercial spaces throughout Australia. It can be difficult to conduct a deep clean of your office on a day to day basis with employees constantly in and out of the office. However, the Christmas shutdown is just around the corner meaning employers will have a longer period of time to allow cleaners to conduct more thorough cleaning in their offices.

Clearing the office

In the last working week of the year many employers will organise an ‘office spring clean’.

This includes:

  • Clearing paperwork from your desk
  • Cleaning out the food and containers from the fridge that no one has claimed to be theirs for the past 4 weeks
  • Wiping over keyboards and phones
  • Tidying up desk space and putting unnecessary items into your desk drawers

While the above list may make the office look tidy it does not necessarily get rid of the germs and dirt that may be lingering around your office space.

Kill germs to avoid illness

Commercial cleaning is more than just making buildings and office spaces look great. Is also about keeping residents and employees healthy and germ free.

With everyone on high alert about germs due to COVID-19 and stricter cleaning regulations in place, the Christmas shutdown period is the perfect opportunity for both residential and commercial buildings to contact Star BMS to organise a deep clean for common areas and offices spaces.

If you have not organised a more intense cleaning schedule for the Christmas period, click here to contact Star BMS today for an obligation free consultation.