Queenslanders are blessed with sun, sea and sand. However, living in Queensland also comes with unpredictable weather including ‘storm season’.

So, if your strata scheme is affected by this wild weather and suffers water damage, who should you be talking to and what are you responsible for?

First off, let’s start with who you should contact.

If your property has a Building Manager, they should be your first point of contact, as they will be able to identify responsibility for repair. The Body Corporate/Owners Corporation is generally responsible for any repairs and maintenance to common property. Lot owners are responsible for the interior of individual lots, which includes things such as leaving a window open, or leaving a tap running. If your scheme does not have a Building Manager, it is suggested that you contact your Body Corporate Manager.

Now let’s look at why the damage occurred.

Water damage isn’t always caused by the weather…… Water damage can occur for multiple reasons, from water leaking through walls or pipes to damage caused by wild weather. Why the damage occurred will often determine who is responsible for repairs.

If the individual owner fails to maintain their individual unit and so causes damage to another owner’s unit, the first owner may be expected to make good the damage suffered as a result of their failure to maintain. This might occur where water to leaks into an apartment below as a result of failing to maintain drains or pipes servicing an individual unit. In such a situation, if the water leaks through the floor, this is common property and may also involve the Body Corporate.

Water damage from storms or during the wet season, as well as damage from leaking pipes, usually necessitates being assessed on a case by case basis. The offending water can originate a long way from where it is causing you damage, especially if it has come from. This creates many unique situations when it comes to assigning repair responsibility, but we always strive to obtain the best possible result for lot owners when repairs are made.

Lastly, let’s look at additional help and opinions for you scheme if water damage occurs.

Star Building Management Services work quickly and efficiently with your committee to repair any damage caused to your common property. We understand the impacts that water damage can have on your scheme, and it is important for us to consider all details when assessing the damage and assigning responsibility.

There is unfortunately no magic wand to wave over water damage – which can be a reoccurring nuisance if not dealt with properly from the outset. Aside from any leaky pipes, the nature of living in Australia means extreme rain events can and do occur. Regardless of how your property may have been affected by damage, Star Building Management Services will work hard to ensure damage is quickly and effectively repaired to a high standard by the relevant parties, with the best outcome for your community.

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