You may have read our previous article at the end of last year announcing the launch of our Star BMS app. In case you missed the announcement, we have put together this article with everything you need to know about the app!

Lets see what the Star BMS team had to say about that app!

Facilities Manager Rhiannon Spellman said “The app and portal has been a great addition for our clients. It is a place they can go to access important documents, quickly lodge maintenance requests, and contact the Star BMS team quickly and easily. Having access to that information quickly and easily can only be helpful for our clients”.

The Star BMS General manager Mark Stewart stated that “The two key points for the app and the portal were to improve the efficiency for our team and ensure that tradespeople are going to site and performing their work, everything is scheduled and ticked off – everything is archived. We can then report on that back to the committee instantly. The app allows us to make the customer experience a lot more innovative, everything can be on their pocket on their phone, they can easily contact us and receive notifications for anything occurring in their building”.

Maria Nawrocki From the Star BMS team explained that “The app allows the Facilities Management reports that we produce to provide a lot more detail. We can attach before and after photos, invoices and quotes. There is more transparency for the clients to see what we are doing. The feedback we have received from clients has been very positive”.

The app allows our clients to see what is happening in the building in real time. Our clients can use the app to see everything they need to about the building without needing to be there”.

Downloading the app is as easy as clicking a button!

You can easily download the Star BMS app by heading to the Apple or Google play store.

Our facilities management team can answer any questions you may have about the app and how it can work for your scheme.

We are excited to see how this app will benefit your community and are motivated see what we can do next to make strata living as easy as possible for our clients. To contact the Star BMS team, click here.