The role of a Building Manager can often be demanding with time pressures and the variety of responsibilities that the role commands.

Time management is the first part of the job that many have to master if they are to become an efficient and effective Building Manager. More specifically, differentiating what tasks are urgent and those which are important – this can be a difficult task. 

At Star BMS we have put together 8 tips to assist time management for busy Building Managers. 

  1. The first tip is to delete.  
    If you start your day with 100 emails, chances are you are going to be very overwhelmed and it will affect your productivity. Before starting your day, delete any emails that don’t require a response or action. You will then be left with the important, actionable items.

  2. The second tip is to defer.
    Now that you have a list of tasks to complete, it’s time to priority your list of to-do’s. What do you need to do today, what can wait until tomorrow and what can be pushed back until another day.

  3. Delegate tasks.
    Buildings are complicated, and as a Building Manager you won’t be able to or be require to action every request that comes your way. It is important to delegate any tasks that may be the responsibility of the Committee, Facilities Manager, Community Manager, or any other stakeholder.

  4. Implement a Building Management System.
    If you are new to the Building Management industry, a Building Management System can allow Building Managers to become more efficient.

    At Star BMS we can tailor a system for your building that includes:
    – A photographic schedule of all of the elements of common property.
    – A comprehensive 12-month maintenance schedule.
    – A schedule detailing routine compliance activities.
    – A tailored logbook.
    – A suite of statutory template documents.
    – A template caretaking management report that is used to effectively report to the Body Corporate.

    The benefits of a Building Management System are: 
    – You will own a professionally assessed and tailored building management system,
    – The system is a documented point of reference for both the Building Manager and the Body Corporate.
    – The system serves as a base-line method of operation if the position of the Building Manager changes.

  5. Make a list.
    I know if I have a lot of things to do I can become overwhelmed and forget many of the tasks I need to do. By creating a list at the start of each day I will know what I need to complete before the end of the day. That way, if anything is unable to be finished, you can add it onto your list for the following day.

  6. Important vs Unexpected.
    I know we have talked about making lists but in the life of a Building Manager, unexpected things are almost guaranteed pop up throughout the day. We recommend completing your important tasks in the morning and leaving the unexpected work until the afternoon.

  7. Set Calander Reminders.
    You may be required to attend committee meetings, be onsite to greet contractors and more. To ensure you are available and don’t miss these meetings, it is important to set Calander reminders. If you are setting a meeting, don’t forget to send a calendar invite to others attending to ensure they also remember to attend.

  8. The final tip.
    The last tip we will leave you with is to ask for help if you need it. Being a Building Manager can be a demanding job and can often be overwhelming at times. The good news is there are companies out there like Star BMS that can provide you with the tools to become an efficient and effective Building Manager. 

If you have any tips for time management, please share them with other Building Managers in the comments below. 

If you require assistance with any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact the Star BMS team