Many Bodies Corporate have the luxury of unique and indulgent common area spaces. From pools, gyms, saunas, BBQ areas and more. While residents can relax and enjoy these common area spaces, many owners do not understand the consequences that come with not maintaining the common property of your building to a high standard.

So, how can you efficiently and effectively manage common property areas? 

How to efficiently and manage common property

Common Property Condition Reports

You may be aware that the common property of your scheme is not being maintained to a high standard but may not be aware where the issues begin. 

A Common Property Condition Report involves a detailed inspection of your common property to ensure all common areas are maintained to an acceptable standard. This includes an inspection of all common areas, photographs and notes about common areas and pool water samples. 


Perform Routine Maintenance 

You wouldn’t put off servicing your car until the engine breaks. However, many Bodies Corporate put off servicing their building. 

What do we mean by this? As an example, the annual fee to service a carpark gate is significantly less than the cost of replacing the gate. This cost is also divided up amongst all owners. However, if you do not service the gate and it breaks, your Body Corporate will be stung with a huge bill. As well as the costs involved, a broken garage door is also a huge inconvenience to all residents. 

Not only does this apply to garage doors, but to many other areas of common property. 


Invest in a Maintenance Schedule

 At Star BMS we understand that it can be difficult to ensure all areas are being well managed. We believe one of the most effective ways to improve how a scheme is presented and functions is to introduce a maintenance schedule for the property. 

For the many buildings that we have assisted, stakeholders have not understood what the common property is or their obligations. Through the implementation of a maintenance schedule, they are now able to manage the common property correctly. 

If you believe a Maintenance Schedule could benefit your scheme, click here to find out more.  

How can Star BMS help? 

Throughout our many years in the industry, the team at Star BMS have seen the consequences that come with a lack of planning combined with a poor standard of maintenance that results in buildings being not cared for properly, and in turn, losing value. 

If you require assistance with managing your common areas, please don’t hesitate click here to contact the team at Star Building Management Services. We can assist you to become more efficient and effective in managing the common areas of your scheme.