Have you ever lived in a Body Corporate and had a query or issue with maintenance, noise, common areas or more? Did you know who to contact and how to contact them when it comes to strata living?

Unfortunately, in many instances when things go wrong in a Body Corporate people don’t know who to contact. This causes many situations of questions going to the wrong people and emails going back and forward with no resolution and delayed solutions.  

So, who should you contact and for what? 

Body Corporate Manager: 

  • If you have questions regarding levies, meetings, meeting minutes, and agendas. 
  • For general enquiries such as pet applications, certificate requests, and more.  
  • If you have questions regarding the by-laws for your scheme.  
  • To arrange the payment of invoices.  
  • Matters would you like to have addressed with the Committee of the Body Corporate. 
  • In the instance that you have no Building/ Facilities Manager contact your Body Corporate Manager if there are issues arising within the Common Property.

Property Manager: 

  • If you have questions regarding your rental agreement. 
  • If you would like to terminate your lease. 
  • If something in your lot needs to be repaired or replaced.  

Facilities Manager: 

  • To arrange a site inspection. 
  • To obtain quotes for works.  
  • To assist with generating reports.  
  • If something on the common property of your scheme is broken or needs to be serviced.  

Building Manager:  

  • If there is an issue with the scheme or a facility in the scheme.  
  • If you require by-laws to be enforced.  
  • If you have questions regarding the cleanliness of the scheme. 
  • For maintenance and upgrades. 
  • For issuing keys to new occupants. 
  • If your lift breaks down or you require the lift to be locked for moving purposes. 

As Facilities Managers, we wanted to ensure the line of communication is streamlined and effective. We are here to be your maintenance and facilities experts. To make your life easier, and your building compliant, we have the Star BMS app.  

On the Star BMS app you can lodge maintenance requests, book building facilities, communicate with building management plus so much more.  Star BMS app


If you require maintenance, you can simply create a new request on the app and select from the following: 

  • Common area 
  • Repair and maintenance 
  • Defects 
  • Incident 
  • Noise complaint 
  • Maintenance  
  • Defects 

During this step you will also be able to attach photographs to ensure your request is clear and can be easily identified. 

Everything you need for stress free strata living can be found at the touch of a button in the Star BMS app.

Star BMS General Manager stated that The app allows us to make the customer experience a lot more innovative and less stressful, anything relating to the building is on their phone, they can easily contact us and receive notifications for anything occurring within the scheme.”  

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